Proud Green Digits

I just watched the movie Greenfingers for the first time.  I’m surprised I haven’t watched it sooner, considering its therapeutic horticulture theme.

As I think about the movie, something stuck out to me.  A big part of gardening is love and pride, and sharing that with others as an extension of self.  Pride often has a negative connotation, but it can actually be a really positive thing.  Is self-esteem just a type of humble pride?

This summer I held weekly garden parties at my home with a small group of people.  I had decided I wanted social time, and I wanted to enjoy my garden which I had spent so much time developing.  Why not share it with friends?  We fired up the grill and broke out the croquet and bocce ball.  Some friends brought kids, and we spent some educational fun time exploring the edible section.  Last night was the last garden party of this summer, and one friend said to me “I love your garden.  It’s such a happy place.”  Of course, my sense of pride swelled, and it felt great to know that others were influenced and benefited by me.  By my hard work, and by my own happiness.  Who wouldn’t want to share that with others?  How could the resulting pride be a bad thing?


Back to thoughts on the movie.  I found myself wondering about the etymology of “greenthumb” and “greenfingers” and stumbled upon some interesting information.  Read about it here.

Albeit not the best movie I’ve ever seen, I’d still give it a green-thumb’s-up!

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