The Element of Surprise

After a busy week, I went to putter in the community garden plot. Thinking I was just doing a little maintenance, I watered and weeded a bit. I grabbed a few tomatoes before leaving and happened upon a few frilly leaves hidden under the tomatoes. I had overlooked them all summer, but they were too big to overlook anymore! I dug down, and I could feel my eyes opening wider and wider.  The top of the carrot was about as big around as a golf ball! I decided it was definitely big enough to pull, so I yanked it up along with four others as big as the first.

I had gone to the garden after a long day and even longer week thinking I was just there to do yet a little more work. After the surprising discovery, I realized it was really a way to decompress. The element of surprise had instantly rejuvenated me.  I’m amazed that even after working in gardens all day and guiding others through the process of therapeutic horticulture, I can still be inspired and benefit from therapeutic horticulture myself.

So keep your eyes open – you never know in what ways nature might surprise you!

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